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What Do your Shoes Say About You?

September 20 2016 – Adrian Cawley

Your style is an expression of your personality. From head to toe, you dress the part wherever you go, and you make sure that your clothes jewelry and shoes are all reminiscent of you. This is actually most true for shoes. You shoes can tell a lot about you. From your style to your profession to your self-confidence, a lot can be said about you depending on what shoes you wear. Here are some ways your shoes can speak for you.

Running Shoes For Women - Tennis shoes can say a lot. From “I’m a woman on the go,” to “I love to work out,” athletic wear can represent your motivation to get things done. However, it can also represent your practicality. Running shoes for women are comfortable, and when you’ve got a lot of errands to run or a long distance jog to complete, having comfortable shoes is of the utmost importance.

High Heel Boots For Women - What do these shoes say about you? For starters, they say you definitely mean business. No one is messing around in high heel boots for women, but they also say you like to keep your feet dry and warm, which is also a testament to your practicality as well.

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