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Is it Time for New Shoes?

October 15 2016 – Adrian Cawley

Signs You Need New Shoes

Take a look at your shoe collection. What do you see?

If you see outdated and worn out (or in) shoes that don’t seem to match anything, then it might mean that your shoe collection is unfit for a woman of your stature. What do we mean by this? We mean that you’re a fashion conscious woman who has the style of a designer, so why do you have a shoe collection that reflects otherwise?

In a previous blog, we talked about the importance of finding the right shoes, and what your shoes actually say about you when wearing them. We know that it’s of the utmost importance to you to look your best when you step out, but while you talk the talk, do your shoes actually walk the walk?

If you look at your shoes right now and you’re unsure of whether or not you should still wear them, take a look at our list of signs that your shoes are too old.

Your Shoes Have Holes in Them

Okay, so maybe your shoes don’t necessarily have holes in them, but they do have areas that are peeled off or frayed enough to look like a hole. Don’t wait until your shoes actually have holes in them before you get new ones.

Your Shoes are Discolored

If you love your pair of black Vans, but they look like they’ve had bleach poured on them, it’s time for a new pair. These shoes are easily replaceable. While they may have seen many miles and many concert venue floors, it’s important that your shoes still look decent when you wear them.

You Have to Re-Glue Your Shoes

We’re all about recycling, but how much is too much? If you’ve had to apply glue to your shoes more than three times, you should spring for a new pair. Surely there’s another pair that could walk you through the many occasions and places you have gone with your old pair. Though, we do understand keeping a pair of shoes for nostalgic reasons.

If you see any of the shoes you own suffering from these conditions, don’t hesitate to grab yourself a new pair of women’s shoes, or men’s loafers, from our shoe shops online and ensure that your shoes always look great and up-to-date. Check us out now!