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The History of High Heel Shoes

July 15 2014 – Adrian Cawley

If you're as passionate about high heels as we are then you'll understand when we say that we simply cannot get enough of them. High-heeled pumps, strappies and boots can be both sexy and sophisticated, wild and whimsical, adding height and interest to you and your outfit. Really, name another shoe that can transform an outfit more completely than a pair of fantastic heels. They do for the rest of you what a great hairstyle does for your face - they bring out the best curves, flattering some areas and distracting from others; all while adding fabulous inches to your height. 

Though high heels are generally worn by modern women there was a time when this was not necessarily true. "Elevated footwear" actually dates back to ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt where only people of certain status could afford to wear what we refer to as "heels".  The precursor of the simple heeled pump shoe was developed during the Renaissance and were often referred to as "court shoes" and became a status symbol of the time. It is said that French King Louis XIV demanded that no one is allowed to enter his court without wearing red high-heeled court shoes. Men were also known to wear them during horseback riding as the shape helped keep their feet in the stirrups. 

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