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Wearing High Heels Without The Pain: Ireland's Online Designer Shoes

January 15 2015 – Adrian Cawley

Here at ShoesOnline, the definitive place to buy shoes online in Ireland, we definitely believe that Cinderella is living proof that a great pair of designer shoes can change your life! We've got a great selection of footwear for all occasions and outfits so that you never have to waste time trying to figure out what pair of shoes you're going to wear. High heels are timeless footwear that have been in style for decades - if not centuries. While the styles just keep getting higher and higher, we've got some tips on how to wear your high heels without any pain!

  • Make sure you're wearing the right size! One of the leading reasons women have pain from shoes is because they're not wearing the right shoe size. Have your feet measured at least once a year? Your feet can definitely change over your lifetime - especially after having children.
  • Educate yourself on your own personal foot type to avoid pain, too. If you can't make an appointment with your podiatrist, there are ways you can tell whether or not you have a flat or high arch. Wet your foot and step onto a piece of construction paper. The impression you make with your foot shows you how much of your foot flattens out when you take a step and how high your arch is.
  • If you're prone to foot pain, the thicker or chunkier the heel, the better. Sometimes outfits call for stilettos and that's fine, but if you're wearing stilettos every day we suggest switching it up a bit with a chunky heel, too.