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Designer Shoes Online Ireland: Are Your Shoes Healthy?

May 15 2015 – Adrian Cawley

Turns out that just like many other aspects of life that we take for granted (like mobile phones, fast food, and bottled water), our shoes can often do more harm than good. Here at Shoes Online, your number one source for designer shoes online in Ireland, we've noticed that more and more research is emerging about the problems associated with long-term use of positive heel and overly supportive shoes. As we spend (or should spend) at least half of our day on our feet, our footwear options can affect us more than we realize!

Statistically, most of us wear cushioned, supportive shoes with a positive heel (meaning the heel is higher than the toe of the shoe). Typically, the dressier the shoe, the more noticeable the positive heel (especially for women) and the more “athletic” the shoe, the more cushioned. Interesting, right? Heels and supportive running shoes are the norm, but it appears that they may cause more harm that good!

In fact, supportive and cushioned shoes encourage the wearer to land on the heel of the foot when walking or running, as the shoe absorbs the impact. This alters the natural step and posture (watch babies who have just learned how to walk to see the difference!) and creates a different walking pattern.

So, if our feet aren’t meant to be confined to cushy rubber soles all day but social norms frown on walking barefoot in most places, what are the alternatives? Check out our Flats, Summer Sandals, and Fitness shoes