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Advice To Help You Buy Designer Shoes Online

October 03 2015 – Adrian Cawley

Want to avoid the hassle of going from shop to shop looking for the right pair of shoes? Buy shoes online from Shoes Online. Got a tattered and worn pair of shoes that need to be replaced? Do your toes seem to be telling you that it is time for a new pair of shoes? Do you need a new pair of dress shoes for a fast approaching formal or event? Buy high heels online through Shoes Online and get fast and friendly service. Give your feet a break. Shop for designer shoes online instead of slugging around in brick and mortar shops. Show your feet how much you love them by giving them the night off and letting your fingers do the walking through our online store.

Here on the Shoes Online blog, we like to answer questions that we get from our customers and folks just browsing the site for our Buy Shoes Online advice column. Here is a question that we have received recently.

Dear Buy Shoes Online Experts,

I need to get my wife a pair of designer shoes online for an event we are attending next month, but I’m not sure what to get for her. I need a heavy download of fashion sense. From casual observation and a quick look into her closet, I can tell you that she likes open toed shoes. She also loves any shoe that will attract some compliments. I also have a question about shoe sizes and knowing if the shoes will fit. I know that you are in Ireland, but I’m in the United States. I am assuming that there is different sizing between the US and Europe. Do you have a size guide on your site that converts EU sizes to US sizes? Please tell me you can help me. buying designer shoes online is not my specialty, but I want them to be special for my wife.

Thank you for your guidance,

Shoeless in Sheboygan


Dear Shoeless,

We are here to help you. First, we have a vast collection of designer shoes for purchase online. You are absolutely going to find the shoes that your wife will love on Shoes Online. Since your wife likes open toed shoes and loves compliments, we have the perfect shoes for her. We recommend the Valentino Conte High Heel, which is available in silver or gold.

Your Outfit Shouldn’t Look Like A Box Of Crayons

A good tip we like to give to our men who are buying women's shoes is to look at your wife’s shoes to make sure she doesn't already have a pair similar to the pair you chose. It is also very important--unless you are also buying her an outfit and a bag--to make sure she has the colors to go with your new purchase. Here are the colors that will go with the silver pair of shoes: White, red, purple, neutrals, indigo, and black. For the gold shoes, you will want to match them with black, red, white, emerald, blue, and burgundy.

Sizes Matter

Here in Ireland, we have different sizing than in the US. Once you find the shoes you want to buy your wife, scroll down until you see three tabs. Click on the Size Guide tab, to see the European equivalent to your wife’s American shoe size.

Thank you for writing into our advice column. We hope that we have answered your questions. If you have any other questions, just contact us.


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