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Your Style and Shoes

July 20 2016 – Adrian Cawley

It’s been said before that you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their shoes. And in many cases, that’s absolutely true. Think about it this way, you can at least tell what someone does for a profession when you take a real look at their shoes. For example, the woman walking down the street in cowgirl boots could potentially work as a ranch hand. The man that’s wearing the steel toed work boots is probably in construction. And the man walking around in his leather loafers is more than likely a businessman of some sorts. Then again, some people choose to wear what they want for no particular reason, other than they simply like the style. However, it’s important to remember how big of a role shoes play in our style, and your style is something that should be uniquely ours. So what else can shoes say about us?

Depending on the cleanliness of your shoes, you might be able to tell how well kept or not someone is. Someone that steps out in shoes that are obviously old, tattered, and ugly might be the committed type. They’ve held on to these shoes for a decade now, and while they’re falling apart, this person still trusts that these shoes will get them where they need to go. Maybe it depends on your perception of things, but the way we see it, this person is committed.

It’s a silly thing to think that something as trivial as shoes could be a point of definition for our personality types, but that’s why shoes are so great. They give us the opportunity to express ourselves in a simple fashion form.

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