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What Your Shoes Say About You

May 15 2014 – Adrian Cawley

Its not a particularly well-kept secret that a majority of women love shoes. With closets full of wedges, flats, boots and stilettos we often go overboard in our search for the perfect shoe. Funny thing is, we generally gravitate back to those ol' tried and true go-to pairs again and again. It turns out that there is something about our personalities that make us choose the same type of shoes more frequently and apparently, those shoes really are "you". So what does your favorite type of shoe say about you and your personality? According to a 2012 study by the Journal of Research in Personality more than one would initially think. 

Turns out the more colorful the sneaker, the more stable the wearer. Bright and eye-catching doesn't translate to a more fun or vibrant person.  Those who wear high-top sneakers also exhibit traits of standoffishness and tend to be more introverted. Though they are agreeable and conscientious.

High fashion shoes showed a tendency to be anxious about relationships and what other people thought about them, though not any more disagreeable in their personalities than others. 

Those worn shoes that you see you coworker wearing on a consistent basis? This person is somewhat of an extrovert and is most likely to be emotionally stable. How about the coworker that has you thinking "what was she thinking" when you look at her shoes. It turns out that she couldn't care less what you think. She most likely has trouble forming close relationships though as she is often to come off as aloof and repressive. 

Biker-style boots are often an indication of a higher level of aggressiveness and mistrust. Those who wear them also prefer to do things themselves and are smart and sensitive. 

Wedges say you're fierce. Really girly shoes say you're sweet. Stilettos say "look at me"; stiletto wearers have an elevated need for attention and are confident in their looks. Sandals speak more of a natural subdued beauty while platforms tell the world that you're savvy with things like social media.

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